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If you have time, we suggest you read the Detailed Introduction (almost a complete DNA of us) written below. If you are busy, we have drafted this Quick Read (short introduction) to save your time!
Quick Read
Crazi9 is an online avenue for artists where they can showcase their original, high quality work on personalized products and then monetize their efforts if these get sold. Crazi9 is also a shopping portal where anyone can compare, buy and choose from a range of personalized products or get their desired products custom designed by our expert designers. Once a product is ordered, we take it further – from printing, packing and shipping. The tasks are carried out by us because we want to eliminate the need for any middle-men intervention, which usually cost users time, effort and money.
A detailed introduction
The world is a blank canvas without artists.
Again, the world is mostly populated with strangers without the Internet.
Thankfully, artists exist and it seems the Internet is never going to cease, at least in the foreseeable future!
Now, at Crazi 9, we thought what if we could give artists a neutral, easy-to-use avenue to showcase their artworks online and while doing so, helping them brand themselves, connect with other artists and in the process make some good money for their work. Doing this should not only help them mobilize, market and monetize their skills but also serve the rest (read whoever is not an artist) with immense opportunities to compare, buy and choose creative products they always wanted.
This is exactly why we started off Crazi9! – an immensely helpful melting pot for artists and shopping freaks to connect, collaborate and benefit from each other interest. We are a Hyderabad-based startup with a failed history. And, we are proud of it. Let us tell you why!
It was 2014. We started off as a custom order-based printing service provider with a very ambitious plan. We almost took off the venture flight quite well until we started to learn. After a series of achievements and beer shots; things got worse, we felt we would not be able to meet the growing demands because we were suffering lack of resources, but we kept going, and as you can guess after some fast run, we succumbed to the demand supply mismatch. That was quite a good achievement for us. We in fact learnt a lot! We learnt about online business eco system, best work practices, customer engagement models and what not. Most importantly, we understood how to go wrong on the Web.
But the problem is learning never cease to expire and it motivates you to rise after failure. So, we rose like a phoenix with our bag full of industry-wide experience. We are reborn to not let down but to keep going. This time we are well-backed up with everything we need to make an impact. You can understand this when we say we spent months reconciling ourselves, studying what went wrong, how to do it right, and how to serve users better, better and just better. Anyways, history is a sometimes a boring topic. We will write a detailed story about our historical failure and comeback in our blog some time soon.
Coming back to what we are now, Crazi9 is a single source online launch pad for seasoned, and hobby artists. They can join for free, upload as many existing original design with us as they want, and if it gets purchased by our end users, they get a flat commission on the purchase. Being an artist at Crazi9 means you get the chance to network with like-minded artists; brand yourself internationally and then earn some good amount of money.
Besides artists, Crazi9 is also for people who love shopping. In fact they are the main growth pillars of our business model. Without them, artists have nothing to do and so don’t we. So, we have ensured they are served well with products they do not like, but love. On our website, they can compare, choose and buy products designed by artists. There are unlimited categories to choose from, and a great variety of design and funky products are available for immediate shipment. Other than choosing pre designed products, they can even request our designers to prepare custom products according to their personalised requirments
Once their order is placed, we do everything from our in-house – from printing to shipping.
We presently feature T-shirts and wall decals as two main products. We are going to add on to the list soon! Our custom designed Tees are 100% cotton, affordable.
Not bored yet? Here are more reasons why we think you would love us!
I’m a designer, why should I join Crazi9?
Network with industry’s leading artists, connect, collaborate, share, and learn
Get your original artwork featured in a variety of products – from T-shirts to wall decals and more
Earn money just when someone buys a product custom designed by you
No limit on artwork submission – we are happy with 1 and 1000. But the more work you submit, more is the visibility and chance for earning money
Become a popular artist. If someone likes your artwork, s/he may contact you individually and request you to design products based on her/his requirements. This way, good artists can make a loyal base of actively engaged audience and a steady source of revenue
Participate in discussions, join contests and earn more ways to get rewarded
I’m not a designer. I’m just interested in products you feature. Before I buy one, let me tell why should I do so?
Buy custom-designed products, delivered at your doorstep. While there’s nothing new about it, the really awesome fact is we take care of everything ourselves. From designing to printing to shipping – there’s no middle men. Just you, product of interest and we. It means reduced waiting time, quality products, and affordable pricing. Total Happiness!
Buy products that are printed using high quality materials at our state of the art factory. Such as our t-shirts are 100% cotton – we do not claim or products are the best. We actually boast off them. Try just one tee and you will see the difference
Order a pre-designed product or request a designer of your choice or just any designer to custom design a product for you. That’s it.
We believe to retain you as our valued customer and convince you that we really are awesome (which we are) we need to run occasional contests and engagement programs. Just remember to visit our website and social networks even if you are busy, and chances are you can win a great product free.
That’s it for now! Thank you for your time. Did you know we just made live the new arrivals? Check them out!
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For any query, complaint or praise; we are just an email away. We do not take more than 24 hours time to respond.

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